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Spring Fever Freedom!

Are you springing-forward into the season yet? Scheduling weekend dump-runs, yard work, landscaping, and house repairs? It’s a beautiful and exciting time of the year. A new beginning, with trees and plants bursting into life and blossom all around us. After so many months of dreary, wet cold weather it is like a miracle to finally feel the warmth of the sun again. Anyone with me on this?

This time of year also brings serious fever for house cleaning!
Getting your home cleaning from top to bottom, is something everyone wants to do, especially now that every time the sun comes in through the open windows dust, dirt and cobwebs are everywhere to be seen! And there are few who can say differently, so forget the guilt, you are not alone!


It can be extremely overwhelming getting started, so here are some tips to help!

First: Choose one project at a time, focusing on one room at time. Always start with decluttering, this will help you focus better on the actual cleaning ahead!

Second: Look up, see those cobwebs? Caked Ceiling Fans? Light fixtures? Door Frames and Jams lined with dirt and dust? Get all the dust and grim starting from the top, this way if and when anything falls, it won’t land on already clean surfaces. When you do this don’t forget to have a method—Start on one end of the room and work your way around, otherwise you will be jumping around and this can again get overwhelming and is much less efficient.

Third: Damp dust furniture, picture frames and all items between the ceiling and the floor. End with damp-dusting of the baseboards. Again, work from one end to the other, counter-clockwise, or clock-wise, which ever you prefer. Polish wood items as you go.

Fourth: Floors- at this point sweeping is not generally a recommended approach, as it has a tendency make the dust, hair, dirt and all else fly! So, if you choose to this method, be careful to so slowly and mindfully. Vacuuming floors and then damp/steam mopping is usually the best approach.

Rinse and Repeat in Every Room of your Home or Business.

Want to know more about cleaning? Like Bathrooms and Kitchens? We will get to this sometime soon, but let’s start with the basics, no point in overwhelming ourselves! You can apply these methods drawn out in any room and make a pretty significant difference.


So… if this sound like a wonderful day of cleaning, or week or month, but you just find yourself struggling to finish, or even get started, no fear, Handmaids are here! We can get your entire home sparkling clean with a highly skilled and trained crew of Professional Handmaid Technicians and get it done in one work day, allowing you to simply come home and enjoy the transformation!

Did you know that Handmaid Cleaning provides professional cleaning and janitorial services that is unparalleled? We have been transforming homes, businesses and lives all around the Walla Walla Valley. We love giving you a clean home, beyond your expectations. It is our passion to serve and to make your home like-new, literally giving you a clean slate, and a new start.  Whether you have us for maintenance cleanings or not, your transforming spring cleaning can make changes in your home that could last years. We want to raise the standard of cleaning services in Walla Walla one home and business at a time.

We want YOU to be next!


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