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“If trustworthiness, reliability and value are the three biggest concerns homeowners have when hiring outside help, they were not an issue for us with Handmaid Cleaning. I decided to hire someone to help clean all of the blinds in our home because the energy it took was getting in the way off my fun time – plus it gave me head and shoulder aches! Having never enjoyed a cleaning service, I was naturally concerned about my comfort level. No worry. Kevin came by, talked to us about his services, and after looking over what we needed, gave us an estimate (my husband liked that part) and….. YOU’RE HIRED! At 9am on Monday, Kim came right on time, did an awesome job cleaning, then vacuumed or mopped under the windows and was charming the whole time. While she was slaving away, I made cookies!! When she was finished, everything smelled wonderful and the blinds looked like new!!! And, in record time!!! I’ve had the fun of telling several friends about my experience and encouraged them to call Handmaid Cleaning when they need some assistance. I will again!!! P.S. We did move the furniture away from the windows, but I’m not sure we would have needed to do it. The service seems to take care of everything!-Susan Boutz, Walla Walla, WA

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